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July 19, 2012

And We're off ...

So we got the Bitchins all set up with a website, Cruising Outpost, and a business structure.  Now my team is moving on and turning our focus on our charter operation and cruiser infotainment projects.

Who's we?  If you worked with the old Ship Store at L&A you will remember Janeen and Cheryl L.  I brought Janeen into L&A way back when and she and her best friend Cheryl turned the Ship Store around and made it efficient and profitable.  As L&A crumbled we joined up and started planning our next adventures.

If you were an advertiser for L&A, you met Jim T.  Jim managed my Winch Wench operation during my circumnavigation and when I got back, he and his family headed out and sailed around the world in their ketch.    (   Jim came from a big time sales background but he agreed to take the significant pay cut to come help L&A.  Well, his paycut became bigger than he expected when L&A closed doors under the new dueling ownership.  Jim helped set up Cruising Outpost's advertising structure.  Now he is helping us organize our Cruiser's Weekend in Catalina of the southern coast of CA.  It is always an awesome event.

 And world famous Tania Aebi, solo circumnavigator at 18yo, she continues to cross oceans.  I met Tania in Greece on an early Share the Sail.  Her and I took over the running the program and for years cruised the most beautiful islands in the world.  Just us ... and a varied lot of 60 or 70 of our L&A friends and readers.  On our high quality hikes into the hills of many a paradise, we became the closest of friends.

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