CW’s Sailing Adventures

Global Solutions

As an ocean captain, my job is simple.  In order of importance ...
-Get my crew to landfall in good health.
-Get the vessel from A to B quickly with minimal wear and tear.
-Arrive with the boat in better condition than we started.
-If done right, the voyage will likely be challenging but fun for all.

The way we achieve these is to look ahead - think long term.  Let’s work the problem from the solution backward.  I know the outcome will be favorable, how did we get there?

Let’s find some solutions.  I am going to apply this thinking to the world’s bigger issues.  We are going to do it together.

As we do in officer meetings on yachts and ships, we will identify issues and implement solutions.  You are my officers, message or comment your legit input.  If it get’s us to our long term goal more efficiently, the solution will be updated.

The goal.  Humanity participating symbiotically on a peaceful, clean, sustainable earth.  I can see it, I know it happens eventually, let’s ‘close the gap’.

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