CW’s Sailing Adventures

June 12, 2011

Tahiti StS Pix

 Crazy Beautiful Water and Reefs off Raiatea

 A crazy explorer we found that had fashioned his own shoes
to better traverse the motu

 Another day in paradise ... Tahaa

Velvet Clams

Everyone likes sea slugs

When two sailboats meet

Blowfish, slummin' for snax

Coconuts anyone?

What the anchor is supposed to look like

Copra Drying

Someone likes paradise

What the dinghy painter is not supposed to look like

Ancient Marae on the original settlement island Raiatea
Tahitians would go on to settle Hawaii

June 1, 2011

Tahiti StS Pix

Tahiti Share the Sail was awesome. Some pix:

Anchored off Tahaa

Sue's Deck Fluff - 'Skipper' Mike

The Fleet

En route Bora Bora

The Fleet off the Motus of Bora Bora