CW’s Sailing Adventures

July 19, 2013

Renewing my USCG license.  Courtesy of Maritime Institute, the details of renewing ...

June 19, 2013

June Update

Hello, Just got back from 5 weeks in Europe. We had Adventure Voyaging's awesome 5 boat Sail Greece cruise. Then we cruised the canals of France for a week. Then I took off and explored some of Corsica and then got a thorough tour of Geneva.

 I am doing some write-ups but for now there are just pictures, click name of event ...

Hope all's well with you and yours,

Captain Woody

Amazing Island of Hydra in the Saronics, Greece

March 12, 2013

Current Updates ...

Hello everyone,
I just noticed that we are getting a lot of hits on this blog still.  I want to appologize for not checking in lately. Instead of the more selfish pursuit of adventuring around the world on sailboats by ourselves, the crew and I have been very busy creating Adventures that we can share with you.  Soon as the new operation is fully functioning I will get back to getting you all some fun stories.  To find out how you can participate in our Adventures, go to:    For the latest updates, click 'Happening Now'.

Thank you from the crew at Adventure Voyaging ...

Captain Woody
Tania Aebi
Janeen Arrigo
Jim Mather