CW’s Sailing Adventures

June 20, 2012

Locked Out?

Hello all,
I'm sure everyone is aware by now that Mr. Bitchin took on a partner in the magazine a while back.  Some of us did not take to the new owner right away and pushed hard against the trade.  But it went through.  We have a very exciting story to tell about the rocky transition to new ownerdom and all of the great drama that has followed (you couldn't make this stuff up).  Leading up to today.  Today, we find ourselves locked out of the office.

Please know that Latitudes & Attitudes is not dead.  We will get it back.  Until then, I will continue running Share the Sail, more stable now that Janeen and I run it independently - another dramatic story of new owner embezzlement.  And Bob will be running his pet projects because he can't sit still (and so he can pay his bills).

All these details, stories and more, coming soon.  Add your name to our email list here:


Captain Woody


Waterdancer said...

I am following the developments on Facebook and and the Forum site but
keep Danielle and me informed Woody.


Cyndi Perkins said...

I just sent in a feature on 90-year-old Captain Jack of Marathon for the August issue, was so happy to be working with Sue and writing for the mag again after a long absence. Now my "homecoming" is all wackadoo. Looking forward to more details and hope y'all will continue to keep readers, contributors and L&A fans posted.

Tipsy Gypsy said...

I say we write a book... just saying...

Matt Beaudoin said...

I can't wait to see how this comes back together. The years you, the Lipkins and the rest have put in have collected a HUGE cast of avid fans and friends. When the time is right, we are all coming together to make it even better.

L&A was the first magazine I advertised in, it was conversations with Bob, Jody, and Dave over a few years that gave me the confidence to trust myself, and I owe him so much!!